Monday, October 03

Music Monday: 4AD

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! 4AD is one of the most legendary record labels, covering so many different genres and artists. Even today they're still around, and still doing really cool stuff. But when they started, alternative wasn't a thing, and pop songs like this weren't as widely accepted as they are now. 4AD was important to many of us for that reason, the "Crayons to perfume" of our teenage years. And the music they made still holds up.

This Mortal Coil - Song To The Siren


It was a super hard decision to make, deciding how to start this post. I chose Song To The Siren because it's so famous, and it represents a magical moment in the label's history. But I could also have easily picked this song or this song or even this song instead. There's just so much to love in 4AD's catalog, both old and new. It's just that this cover of a Tim Buckley song is really the moment the whole world noticed 4AD was something special. So I started here.


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Friday, September 30


Monday, September 26

Music Monday: Happy Birthday Marty Robbins!

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Marty Robbins is one of those musicians who keeps flipping back and forth between "old people music" and "cool" with each new generation. Right now, of course, he's smoking hot. But even if he falls from grace, don't worry. He'll be rediscovered again and again. His stuff is just too good! Which Scott is about to prove to you.

Marty Robbins - Big Iron


Without a doubt, Marty Robbins is best known for the songs on this cowboy album. And they're great. My vinyl copy is one of my prize possessions. But that's not all Marty Robbins is known for. He pretty much has a song for every occasion.

And we'll prove it! Let's go!

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Monday, September 19

Music Monday: Gram Parsons

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! If you've ever listened to something that sounded like country and rock at the same time, you possibly owe a debt to Gram Parsons. His name doesn't often come up these days, but those who love him always love him, and those who don't are often convinced to start. Scott's got five songs selected from Gram's career. Enjoy.

The International Submarine Band - I Must Be Somebody Else You've Known


Gram Parsons passed away on September 19th, 1973 of an overdose of morphine. His road manager stole his body and set it on fire in a national park. The cops showed up before the burning was done and the manager had to give the body back to the family. That's the kind of death most rock stars only dream about.

And that's just how we START! More to come...

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Monday, September 12

Music Monday: Car Crash Love

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! For some reason, there are like a billion songs all about teenagers who die in car crashes. Once you start really digging into the genre it's kinda weird. So, of course, Scott's spending another Monday doing some digging. Join in! And, um, wear your seatbelt.

Mark Dinning - Teen Angel


I don't wanna say this song started the car crash craze, but it was certainly one of the earlier ones. And it sort of makes sense when you think about it. The idea of a teenager was sorta new in the 1950s, and certainly the post-war teens were the first generation to drive themselves to high school regularly. That mix of youth and rebellion led to accidents, accidents made the paper, and, well, we got some songs. And not just one song. Many songs. Many many many songs.

More crashes coming up. Drive safe, kids.

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Friday, September 09


Monday, September 05

Music Monday: A Girl Like You

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! There are a lot of different topics in the world, but music keeps coming back to a few over and over again. Today Scott's found five songs that all share the same title, but take a drastically different approach to execution. Check 'em out. You've probably heard a few.

The Smithereens - A Girl Like You


There isn't a lot to say today, because it's really the music that's doing the talking. So I encourage you to listen to all the songs and enjoy how they change. Obviously, we start here with a power-pop hit. So catchy!

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Monday, August 29

Music Monday: Classic Trax

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today we celebrate all those songs that we're amazed ever existed! Who knew so many different bands recorded together in secret? Here's a great example of what we mean right now:

Alice Cooper and Body Count - Law & Order

Ice T's rock band still tours even today, mixing street smarts with metal strings. The horror-rock pioneer was a perfect fit for their unusual style. I personally missed a chance to see this when I was in college, and I kinda regret it now.

Four more to come! And then a few words at the end, of course. Maybe you've already guessed what they'll be.

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Monday, August 22