Monday, March 14

Music Monday: RIP George Martin

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! 2016 has killed again. But don't worry, this time it was a ninety-year old man who had a full and magical life. We'll miss George Martin, but he certainly wasn't taken from us too early.

Peter Sellers - The Trumpet Volunteer


Some of George Martin's first work was in comedy, in fact. For the Parliphone label he took a hip and current comic and recorded some of his bits onto a 10" EP. Today it might seem a bit tame, but once upon a time, this was serious comedy. And the sales helped make George Martin into someone the company could take seriously.

More to come as we delve into the great George Martin's life and music. No Game Of Thrones jokes please. IT'S BEEN DONE. Editor's Note: after writing this I learned about Keith Emerson, so watch for him next week. It's gonna be a long year.

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Friday, March 11


Monday, March 07

Music Monday: Transformative Covers

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today Scott's taking a look at songs that exist in two ways: the first version that some people know, and the second version that other people know. Probably you can come up with a few off the top of your head, all those songs that were transformed completely by the cover. Maybe you didn't even know the cover WAS a cover! Here's our first example now:

Lynn Anderson/Kon Kan - I Never Promised You A Rose Garden


Lynn Anderson's country crossover hit was pretty popular with, well, a good chunk of America. Kon Kan's dance remix wasn't anywhere nearly as big. But you can tell by listening to them both that they take two very different paths to the end result. I'll leave it to you which one you like best.

Get the idea? Good! Four more on the way...

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Monday, February 29

Music Monday: New Day

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! If you're seeing this, we've gone a week without a famous music figure dying. Let's start a new trend, shall we? Today Scott's got five songs about new days. Get ready. The last one might be controversial.

Husker Du - New Day Rising


Ever gotten out of bed the day after a breakup and told your reflection "this is where it all begins again!" Ever walked away from that mirror and immediately spent the day mad at the stuff you supposedly just threw away? That's the sound of this song. It's a new day, but that doesn't mean you've immediately forgotten the past. It takes some work to push through that new day and start a new trend. But if you keep at it, you'll reach the new week, then the new year, then the new you.

Four more comin' right up.

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Monday, February 22

Music Monday: RIP Denise Matthews

by Scott Lydon

So we're ending the second month of 2016, and we keep losing musicians every freakin' Monday. I write this on a Tuesday, after learning that Vanity passed away last night. Based on current trends, another musician is dying as you're reading this. Who knows how many RIP posts I'm gonna do before the year is out? Anyway, today's a tribute to Vanity. Even though she renounced her crazy old life and turned to God, she still left behind some cool music.

Vanity 6 - Nasty Girl


It's totally fair to say that this song wouldn't exist without Prince, because that's 100% correct. Vanity was basically a stand-in because Prince couldn't transform himself into a woman and sing these songs. But that doesn't mean she was untalented. Here's a way to test it: try to sing this song. Seriously. It's like a wave of words and rhythm that just keep slapping against you. You can run out of breath before you even get to the chorus.

Think Scott can't do four more? THINK AGAIN.

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Friday, February 19


Monday, February 15

Music Monday: RIP Paul Kantner

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! I've actually been really busy of late, and I wasn't even at a computer when I heard Paul Kantner died, back on January 28th. That's really for the best because can you imagine how depressing it would have been to have three consecutive Music Mondays about dead rock stars? Even still, Paul Kantner was pretty cool, so now that I'm back at my desk, he gets a well-deserved send off.

Jefferson Airplane - Chauffeur Blues


So before anyone was building a city or asking Alice, the Jefferson Airplane was a bunch of young people playin' the blues. At that time, Grace Slick wasn't singing, that's Signe Toly Anderson you hear. Why is that notable? Because Ms. Anderson also died on January 28th, same date as Paul Kantner did. So this particular song serves as a double tribute. Kind of the month the music died.

Four more coming up as we say goodbye to Paul Kantner together.

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Wednesday, February 10

Woot's Changing The Log In (But Not In A Bad Way)

by Scott Lydon

Hey, guess what? Our little site keeps getting better, and as part of that process, we sometimes have to make some small changes. This time it's to the way you log into your Woot account. It's such a small change you'll barely even feel it, so we wanted to tell you anyway. Ready? Here's the big change: now you'll have to log in with your email address. Yeah, we know. It's barely worth noting, right? So don't panic, your user name isn't going anywhere. It's just a little thing we did for security reasons to keep you even safer.

Now, instead of logging in like this:


You'll be logging in like this:


Simple? Easy? YES! So keep it in mind: starting right now, you'll log in with your email. Give it a shot, then race to the forums to say WOO HOO I DID IT or I DID IT... BUT I'M NOT HAPPY I DID or some shade of grey between the two. And if you've got questions, ask away! Maybe one of our mods will notice and have an answer for you! Oh, yeah, and we updated this blog post on 2/18, just in case you noticed it changed. Basically we just took out the original deadline because we passed it. No turning back, friends! We're in this together!

(PS: please don't try to email Monte, he's very busy and will never check it.)

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Monday, February 08

Music Monday: Harmonies

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! It's always neat how different layers can combine to make a greater harmony. Today Scott's looking at some of these layers when they're dissected one by one. You'll catch on pretty quick if you know your music history. Let's begin, shall we?

The Journeymen - Run Maggie Run


In the early '60s, this trio of folk friends formed to harmonize sweetly. Dick, John and Scott put out a few albums and did okay, but never really broke any records or anything. But don't they sound nice? That's harmony right there!

More harmonies to come! Sing along if you wanna!

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