Monday, April 25

Music Monday: RIP Prince

by Scott Lydon

Today's Music Monday is going to be a little different than usual for two reasons. The first: It's Prince. Seriously. Almost 100% of modern music derives from the ideas he was originating and playing with. He touched rock, he touched soul, he touched dance, he touched everything. And he could even do it all himself, playing all the instruments one at a time. There's really never been a performer like him.

But the second reason this will be a strange Music Monday is that Prince didn't want his stuff to be online. For years his legal team would swoop in and remove his stuff from YouTube and other sites. That means I've got nothing of his to link to here today. SO instead, I'm going to go the other direction. I'm going to link some of his copycats, side projects, and such. Because good God, if anyone deserves a tribute, it's Prince.

94 East - Just Another Sucker


So Prince was born into a family that was absolutely soaked in music, which possibly helped him get started early on. This 94 East track was written by Prince, in 1977, and it's one of his earlier compositions. 94 East was formed by Prince's cousin's ex-husband. The band didn't really do much else, but you can hear the start of Prince's funky sound right here.

More to come.

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Friday, April 22


Monday, April 18

Music Monday: Lord Kitchener

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Some of you may have never heard of Lord Kitchener, and that's sort of understandable. First, he was recording right after World War II, which was a way back. Second, he was mostly in England, which is pretty far away for a pop song to travel. And third, he was singing about the experience of emigrating from the West Indies to London, which is not something of which many Americans would not expect to care. But Scott's never met a person who couldn't get into the joyful sound of calypso, so if you've never heard of Kitch, go ahead and give him a shot. You might just be pleased with what you find. We'll get back to the RIPs next week, but for now, let's have some fun!

Lord Kitchener - London Is The Place For Me


The hard part about Lord Kitchener is that he sort of seems to come out of a vacuum. It's not true, of course, he had some success in Trinidad and Jamaica before heading to England to be a big star, but YouTube doesn't seem to think so. You'll have to just trust me: by the time Lord Kitchener improvised this song about the joy of finding a new home, he was practiced and ready to play. And his calypso style was going to shake the British music scene greatly.

More smooth stuff to come after the jump.

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Monday, April 11

Music Monday: RIP Merle Haggard

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! I was literally just finishing a tribute to the late Gato Barbieri when Merle Haggard passed away. So get ready for Gato's tribute down the road. This week's death recap goes to Merle.

Merle Haggard - (My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers


Merle Haggard was born in a boxcar. Merle Haggard lost his father when he was still in single digits. Merle Haggard taught himself to play guitar by listening to records. Merle Haggard was in prison, where he saw Johnny Cash perform, and Merle Haggard decided he wanted to do that to. Merle Haggard was basically the character you'd expect a Hollywood writer to create as a caricature of a country star, except Merle Haggard earned every damn bit of it with his own two hands. Merle Haggard was a bad-ass. Today's all about him. This song here was his first top ten hit which is why we're starting with it. He didn't write it himself, but he made it famous.

More Merle ahead. Be ready.

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Monday, April 04

Music Monday: RIP Phife Dawg

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Even though there are some other tributes in the way, today's March 23rd, and we've just learned about the passing of A Tribe Called Quest rapped Phife Dawg. So today's a slightly-belated tribute to him. Enjoy.

A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It?


Q-Tip was always the most visible member of the Tribe, but Phife Dawg was right there beside him from the start. He's the second rapper on this particular track and his raps are just as playful and infectious as his partner's. Like many young men, I listened to a lot of hip hop in the '80s and '90s, and I was always happy when a Tribe Called Quest song came on the radio. Phife Dawg was a part of why.

More good music coming up after the jump.

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Saturday, April 02


Friday, April 01

Bidet.Woot: Welcome To The New

by Scott Lydon

The rumors are true. Woot's thrown aside the shackles of normalism and slapped down firmly onto the veritable seat of the gods. Today we're Bidet.Woot. And we're not going back. Not ever.

So celebrate with us! Check out the official notification page from our CEBDO or enjoy our variety of bidet-related sales! Even better, we've got a little video summing up the changes:

And, as always, you can click through below to visit the official Bidet.Woot thread and talk about how great the changes will be for the community over the long-term! Because they really are long-term changes, you know. We're never going back. NEVER. LONG LIVE BIDET.WOOT

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Monday, March 28

Music Monday: RIP Maurice White

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! On February 4th, the great and wonderful Maurice White passed away, and somehow Scott just didn't hear about it until right now. He's a big Earth Wind & Fire fan so he's going to make up for his mistakes right now! Let's pay tribute to a musical juggernaut together.

Earth, Wind & Fire - After The Love Has Gone


This is the first Earth, Wind & Fire song I ever heard. It was on the stereo in our downstairs room, it was summer, the back door was open and there was a light breeze. I had nothing to do and most of the day to not do it in. I was still a kid, and I didn't know the band's name, but I felt like it was the most perfect song for that moment and I still do. I didn't know anything about the history of the band or what they were trying to do or really anything at all, I just knew that it was an amazing song that felt like a nice summer's day. And that was really enough for me.

More coming up, as you'd expect.

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