Tuesday, January 24


Monday, January 23

Music Monday: How Much Is That Proggy In The Window

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Prog isn't just for white guys who came of age in the 1970s, though. It's for everybody! Today Scott will attempt to prove it. Maybe you'll agree, maybe you won't. We'll see.

Asia - Only Time Will Tell


Even people who don't know prog know this song. Some people who know prog don't like calling it prog, since it was a hit. But for a lot of people, this was the gateway into a whole new type of rock. Even if it did happen while roller skating.

Want to defend the good name of prog? Here just to tell Scott how useless he is? Hit up the comments now! Everyone else, four more songs to come.

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Friday, January 20


Monday, January 16

Music Monday: TV Rockers

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! It used to be that being on TV made you famous nationwide. It used to be that recording a hit record did the same thing. So it was only natural there would be some crossover between TV and Pop Star, right? Today Scott's gathered five TV heroes of yore and their music. And now, you must watch and listen. YOU MUST.

David Soul - Don't Give Up On Us


David Soul was on Starsky & Hutch. He was Starsky. Or maybe Hutch. It's been a long time. Also, he had a hit single. Pretty good, right? I certainly think so.

Thankfully for Scott, there are plenty of other TV actors with recording careers too. You'll see four more, coming right up!

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Friday, January 13


Monday, January 09

Music Monday: Bowie, One Year On

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Roughly one year ago today, the wonderful David Bowie passed away. Today Scott's recapping with some tributes that happened across the world as we all came to terms with the loss.

The Brit Awards


If you could only pick one tribute, this would be it. Featuring Bowie's friends, Bowie's touring band, and an up-and-coming artist the man himself called the future of British music, it was as close to a funeral as a Bowie fan could want. And how moving to just let the vocals be so loud in their absence.

We got more, coming up. Then hit up our Facebook page and see if you can win a Blackstar vinyl.

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Monday, January 02

Music Monday: New

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today is the first Monday of the New Year. In celebration, Scott's done a post full of new-themed songs. Join in, have fun, celebrate the start of something new!

Kirsty McColl - A New England


This is, of course, a Billy Bragg cover, but the jangly guitar and wistful lyrics of this version really captures what January always feels like to me. There's still the feelings of the old year mixed with the knowledge that something else is coming. Even if we disagree what that something is, we all want it to be good. That's gotta count for something, right?

Let's all face this New Year together! More songs to come.

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Tuesday, December 27


Monday, December 19

Music Monday: The Last RIP

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday!

Leonard Cohen - Closing Time


This was the first Leonard Cohen song I ever heard. It was on my campus radio station and I thought WHAT THE HELL IS THIS WONDERFUL THING and I waited for three more songs to hear the artist's name. And then I walked to the record store and bought the record, and another, and another. It's not everyday music, but when it's the right time, it's perfect. I hope the man rests in peace, but I'm glad the music remains.

Still more RIP. Sadly. What a hell of a year.

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Friday, December 16

Flash Deals ON HIATUS

by Scott Lydon


Many of you might have noticed our previous blog post about our Flash Deals sale. Well, guess what? We sold out! We sold out of EVERYTHING! The Flash Deals experiment was such as success we finished faster than we even expected! HOORAY FOR YOU and to a lesser extent us!

So what happens next? Well, first our Flash Deals take a little break as we review what we've learned and consider how to make it better. To that end, you might be getting a little email questionnaire in the next week or so. We hope you'll fill it out honestly so we can know what was good and what was bad.

After that, keep one eye peeled. Because, before too long, you might just see our friends the Flash Deals right back on Woot again!

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