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Moments in Woot History!

by Sean Adams

Ever wonder what it's like inside Woot?! No? Really, not even a little? Are you sure? Seriously, you never thought about that? Why haven't you thought about that? WHY DON'T YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE AT YOUR FAVORITE ECOMMERCE SITE???

Sorry, just a Comcast moment there. Anyway, take a look at our newest video series, Moments in Woot History:

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Friday, July 11

George Takei? No, George Takittei!

by Sean Adams

Behold! George Takittei! With the combined power of George Takei and a cute kitty, he will certainly rule the internet! Unless, of course, YOU DEFEAT HIM in World of Wootcrap! But please, be patient. There are many, many levels and George Takittei is the FINAL BOSS.


Check out the Crapper's Handbook here and learn how to play along.

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