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We're Changing The Site, Don't Freak Out (Part II)

by Woot Embetterment Team

Last July, we alerted everyone about a small change. Remember this wonderful post? Ah, those were the days. We had no idea what madness awaited us in the months ahead. We were so innocent then.

Anyway, if you DIDN'T see it then, you DEFINITELY see it now. Because as of now, we've rolled out the changes to 100% of our readers, shoppers, and dear sweet friends. THAT'S YOU, SWEET FRIEND! HOORAY! Please bask in the glory that is our new design. Oh, and hey, get ready because there's more on the way. Check THIS out:



That's right! In the pipeline we've got cool category filters, a widget to tell you how much time is left in the sale, a GLORIOUS way to see all the deals at once, and more! What could "more" be? Well, we're not totally sure just yet, but we'll figure that out real soon.

So keep your eyes peeled and watch as we slowly sneak these changes out, and back, and out again. After all, you can't spell "I improves" without "improvise"!

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