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We're Changing The Site, Don't Freak Out

by Woot Embetterment Team

All things must change. The sea. the sky, the birds, the beasts, the area to which your local pizza place delivers. So the river becomes the lion. And do we must do change so too. Oh, you don't like our poetry? Fine. We'll just say it plain: we're making some changes to the bar up at the top.

Don't panic or anything, they're not drastic. We're just gonna change this... this!


There, see? That's not so scary, is it? We've made this decision as a result of conversation, market research, and throwing darts at a board in the break room. We think it takes the best of the past and combines it with the best of the future. Watch for this change to happen soon and for other changes to begin appearing after. We'll keep you posted on our embetterment as it happens. Because hey: we love you. Even if you don't always appreciate our poetry.

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