14 Insightful, Challenging Stories Coming Soon To The Onion AV Club

by Jason Toon

  1. 41 Killer Headbands from '80s Music Videos
  2. Forgotten Benedictions: The FBI Warning Screens We Grew Up With
  3. Chuck Klosterman Interviews Chuck Palahniuk
  4. It's So Hilarious That Kevin Sorbo Exists! Right, Guys? Right?
  5. 22 Characters from the DC Reboot That We Would Totally Do the Nasty With
  6. 37 Awesome Hairdos from '80s Sitcoms
  7. Chuck Palahniuk Interviews Chuck Klosterman
  8. Lady Gaga, Call of Duty, Dane Cook, and the Contrived Article Calculated to Elicit Thousands of Smug, Banal Comments from Our Audience of Smug, Banal College Sophomores
  9. Hall & Oates Cover "Maneater" by Hall & Oates
  10. 18 Gnarly Wallpaper Patterns from '80s Movies
  11. 29 Superheroes Who Seem Like They Belong in a Long List
  12. Race, Class, and Gender in Pop Culture: How to Pretend You Give a Crap
  13. 56 Video-Game Characters with Bland Personalities
  14. Screw It, We're Just Gonna Watch Infomercials for Nine Hours