2012 Woot! Calendar

by Wootbot

This Is Your Last Chance If We’re Lucky

We still got these things in a big pile. Don’t you want to be a part of the fun?

The 2012 Woot Calendar is here for two reasons. The first is because it always makes us laugh when a bunch of people post NEXT on the forums. Yeah, because your tantrum is gonna really get us to pay attention, Mister Isn’t-Here-For-Anything-But-A-Bag-Of-Crap. But the second reason is that some of you have requested a chance to get in on the magic of where the special QR codes will take you each month. And who are we to stand in your way?

But even if you don’t bother with the secret extra content, you’ll still be getting twelve months of special Woot-related portraits. Our buddy Dan Zettwoch has created brand new, full-color images of some of our favorite Woot characters, from Magnus Duce and his greatest Bag O’ Crap ever to Jeanette Milligan and her record number of Woot-related unfollows. It’s perfect for your wall, or floor, or kitchen trash can!

You know you’re going to make a purchase you regret in 2012. Why not get it out of the way right now with our 2012 Woot! Calendar? It could be the cheapest mistake you’ll ever make.


Condition: New


  • 12 full months of Woot!
  • All-new original art by indie comics star and frequent Woot contributor Dan Zettwoch
  • Each month features one of our our community’s most notable Wootizens and a QR (Quick Response) Code linked to a new chapter in an ongoing story by the Woot writers
  • Includes significant dates in Woot! history
  • Closed Dimensions: 11” (W) x 8.5” (L)

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