32 Degrees Tundra Chronograph - 8 Colors

by wootbot

Low Cost Ain't Cheap

There's no one who doesn't have no need for a low-cost watch. Or, to put it simply: you need a low-cost watch.

There are to types of people in life. The first type of people spend a lot of money on fancy stuff to try and be cool. Those people have to brag about what they've got, because that's all they've got. And then there's the people (like you and us) who are naturally cool. They can throw on a $40 watch and they're "keepin' it real."

So, fellow cool person, we encourage you to buy some or all of these watches. Not because they'll change your life. You don't need a change in life. You're cool enough as it stands now! All you need is a way to double-check what time it is, so that you can be fashionably late so as to ensure your cool status.

After all, spending too much money is NOT cool. No no no.