47" 1080p 3D HDTV

by wootbot

After This Comes The HyperTV

Somewhere out there, right now, a young filmmaker is dreaming up the Citizen Kane of 3D movies. Don't you want it on in the background as you fall asleep on your comfy comfy couch?

Look, we're not saying 3D is always used correctly in the movies of today. But we are saying 3D is flat-out cool. Just because some directors waste it on lame ideas doesn't mean the technology is at fault! Was it Darth Vader's fault his childhood was lousy? No! Was it Britt Reid's fault that Seth Rogen lamed up his reputation? No! 3D is the future, even if only a few directors know how to use it correctly.

So where does that leave you?

It's not hard to see that you, the jolly consumer, could easily be left behind. Think back to your Uncle Joe, who refused to buy a color television until 2002. Remember all those summer afternoons when you'd stare at the tiny black-and-white screen, trying to watch educational cartoons about Pocahontas and hoping your mother would pull up in the driveway so you could escape Retro Hell? Remember how you thought Uncle Joe was the most uncool person you'd ever met? Well, that's what the children of tomorrow will be thinking about you if you make them watch Pocahontas II: The Spawning on a normal 2D screen. In a few years, being cool will require a pair of lightweight, battery-free glasses that deliver full, razor-sharp, cinema-style 1080p 3D.

Not to mention that young director we mentioned before. Right now, he or she is putting the finishing touches on some romantic action-based sci-fi political thriller that will be all things to all people. "A 21st Century Titanic!" the critics will rave, "Take it home at last!" But what will you do when your favorite nephew messages you on Facebook and says "OMG u got2 let me vizet n uz watch dis plz rite?" Will you correct their grammar like the uncoolest person ever? Or will you be confident that you've got an couple open HDMI inputs for a (sold separately) computer or Blu-ray player and message back "Ya jus gotz 3D c ya l8r lolz" to feel the rush of joy that comes from being ageless?

When you choose either one of these 47" 1080p 3D HDTVs, you're transforming yourself into a creature that transcends time, a creature that exists in two worlds, a creature that might even dare to call itself a living that-name-our-lawyers-said-we-can't-say-but-it's-just-happening-to-come-out-in-3D-on-Blu-ray-very-soon of the technological age!

You're not buying an entertainment device. You're joining the future. Or maybe just seeing the past in 3D, it really depends on what kind of movies you prefer.