800TC 6pc Sheet Set - 6 Colors - 2 Sizes

by wootbot

Talking Sheet

Before you choose sheets ask yourself: will I be happy sharing my bed with this for the rest of its life?

Sure, these 800-thread-count sateen-finish King and Queen sheets feel fantastic against your skin - or that special someone else's. But that special someone else may never get between those sheets if they're freaked out by their color. Before you buy, make sure you're sending the right message with this heartbreaking guide of staggering genius:

Pistachio tells your lover, "When we get busy, ice cream will be involved."

Ivory says to your paramour, "If elephants were so great, THEY'D be the ones sleeping in comfy sheets! Screw 'em!"

Sky Blue notifies your beau, "My passion for you is 92% pure."

White informs your inamorata, "Let's break all the rules and wear each other after Labor Day."

Brown states to your partner, "I prefer not to do laundry all that often."

Linen divulges to your sweetheart, "I believe love is colorblind. And also colorless."