Acer Aspire V5 UltraThin 14" Laptop

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An Important Message From Woot

It's a Woot-Lib! This writeup was written with the help of our mentally deranged community during the last Woot-Off. Does it make sense? No! It's it supposed to? Cranberries! 

Greetings loyal shoppers -- Woot here. We're curvaceous1 to announce a complete overhaul of our site! We asked for suggestions from our users during the last Woot-Off, and ya'll haphazardly2 complied! It's the first-ever fully crowdsourced redesign of an online retail site, and we're pretty fried3 about it! Here are some of the The slaptastic4 features you can expect to see thrust5-out on the site over the following weeks and months:

Thank you all for your cheeky36 patronage of Woot over the last nine years! Here's to another pi37 years of funktastic38 shopping, grand39 customer service, and spicy, fajita-style Mr. Goodbars40



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