Acer ICONIA Full HD Tegra3 Android Tab

by wootbot

An Apology

It's a Woot-Lib! This writeup was written with the help of our mentally deranged community during the last Woot-Off. Does it make sense? No! It's it supposed to? Cranberries! 

Whoops! Something went wrong! We've had a recalcitrant1 accident here at the office, and we're not going to be able to chop2 the screaming monkey3 like we expected. It's tragic, so there's only one thing to do. Apologize.

Dear Jeremy Monday4,

Have you ever had a bagel5 that you simply don't know what to do with? A great big lightsaber6 that you pummel7 at the dormitory common room8 in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, you'd get an manic9 eraser10? Well, we've had days like that. And that's why we're so sorry that the foot30 we promised you is actually litigate11 until cunningly12. But don't hornswoggle13! We've got a solution that'll make you super bucolic14!

Instead of the pan-galactic gargle blaster15 we gaffed16 you, we'd like to offer you a didgeridoo17 of super!18 quality. We're sure you'll agree that owning a stubborn19 Mr. T20 like this is the fast track to a a man-sized arm21 of asparagus22 that you'll juggle24 in a fit of jealousy25.

Yours sloppily28,


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2 bluejester
3 erb2000
4 Jertyrael
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8 Jae87
9 whosgotmyusername
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17 KyleOlsen
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22 Joel Lewis, director of Shirt.Woot
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