Adaptec Dual TV Tuner-Remote Control for XP Media Center

by Wootbot

Once there was a time when we’d cut short a night on the town to be home in time for our favorite prime-time lawyer drama, a weekly peep at the lives, loves and ethical quandaries of a maverick band of young and sexy defense attorneys. No more! And not just because that particular show’s been canceled for years! And not just because we almost never have nights out to abort! Because the unstoppable forward march of technological progress has finally made our mother’s oft-spoken words come true: If you’re letting the teevee schedule dictate your life, she used to say, you’re a looooooooser.

No longer shall we make personal sacrifices to accomodate the sometimes capricious decrees of the network programming coordinators! Now it’s we who are the boss, and the boob tube that does our bidding!

With Adaptec’s Dual TV Tuner for XP Media Center, we can watch one show while recording another. Not impressed? What if we record two TV shows while simultaneously watching another one that we recorded earlier? What if we told you we could also use it to listen to, pause and replay FM radio broadcasts? (It’s like TV without the pictures. It’s cool; you might like it.) What if we told you it was “the industry’s first USB 2.0 dual TV solution?” Yeah, that’s right.

Windows XP Media Center is like a proud and powerful stallion, beautiful but untamed, and the Adaptec Dual TV Tuner PVR 3610 is the saddle and riding crop you need to break it make it do your bidding. Get on that horse and put it through its paces! Make it pause, rewind and fast-forward live TV! Elicit from it all the convenient time-shifting capabilities of pricier DVR services! Enjoy DVD-quality video on your desktop PC or notebook! Heeyah! The integrated remote control and IR blaster technology gives you unfettered reign over your entire Windows Media Center experience and your cable or satellite TV source.

Weild godlike power over your entertainment regime without leaving your easy chair! Place one bucket of fried chicken to your left and another bucket for post-digested chicken byproduct on your right, and don’t move again until you know who America’s next half-dozen top models will be!

Warranty: One year


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