America Stories of War - 36 DVDs

by Wootbot

The Dirty Three Dozen

They also serve who only read their lines.

Atten-HUT! Listen up, you squishy globs of mule diarrhea! You’ve been asked here today to perform your sacred duty for your country, and I’d sooner give Ho Chi Minh a lap dance than let you pimple-butted pinworms fumble this mission on my watch! Am I clear?


Right now, you are nothing! You are the garbage that garbage throws in the garbage! You are tainted urine samples with ears! You are less than a single aromatic molecule in one of Satan’s farts! Is that understood?


But when I am finished with you, each of you will be a mindless, deadly human weapon of entertainment! You will emote! You will pick up the impulse! You will seize the emotional core of each scene and tear its heart out with your teeth! You will hit your marks or God be my witness, I will impale you on a stick in the latrine and use you as my personal toilet paper until Gabriel sounds the trumpets! Do you read me?


Here is the situation! The Godless hordes of boredom and sissification are taking over the household of one Brian Rayfield of Salinas, California! You meat-mannequins are charged with beating back this beige tide or dying in the process! You will deploy in over 50 feature films and dozens of documentaries! The battle will be long! The fight will be vicious! But you fat jelly donuts will march into Hell’s frothing guts with Meisner on one shoulder, Stanislavsky on the other, and a burning hatred of tedium raging in your hearts! Do I make myself plain?


Now get out there and do your cinematic duty before I personally polish your empty skulls with the rough side of my- hey, wait a minute, what is Tony Randall doing here?


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Condition: New


  • 36 DVDs
  • Over 170 hours of gripping documentaries and feature films
  • War coverage includes Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War
  • Civil War – 10 Documentaries / 10 Hours
  • World War I – 10 Documentaries / 10 Hours
  • World War II - 91 Documentaries / 47 Hours
  • Korean War – 33 Documentaries / 16 Hours
  • Vietnam War – 53 Documentaries / 23 Hours
  • Include 50 gripping feature films
  • Stars include Richard Arlen, Randolph Scott, Van Johnson, James Cagney, Claudette Colbert, Ronald Reagan and Montgomery Clift

Discography Includes:

Disc 1: Documentary – Civil War: America Divided
  • Two Nations
  • Shifting Fortunes
  • Advance and Retreat
  • Scales of War
Disc 2: Documentary – Civil War: America Divided
  • It Is Well That War Is So Terrible
  • Give Them Cold Steel
  • Season of Change
Disc 3: Documentary – Civil War: America Divided
  • It Takes All Summer
  • Marching Through Georgia
  • Lost Cause
Disc 4: Documentary - World War I: The War to End All Wars
  • With Flags Waving
  • The Battle of Frontiers
  • The Taxis of the Mane
  • The War of Chemicals and Engineering
Disc 5: Documentary - World War I: The War to End All Wars
  • Flyboys
  • Citadel
  • Distant Fronts
Disc 6: Documentary - World War I: The War to End All Wars
  • Revolt
  • Changing Tide
  • End Game
Disc 7: Documentary - Great Battles of World War II
  • Attack! The Battle of New Britain
  • The Battle of China
  • Payoff in the Pacific
Disc 8: Documentary - Great Battles of World War II
  • Appointment in Tokyo
  • Attack in the Pacific
  • Marines in Tarawa - Return to Guam
  • To the Shores of Iwo Jima - This is Guadalcanal
Disc 9: Documentary - Great Battles of World War II
  • Prelude to War
  • The Nazis Strike
  • Divide and Conquer
  • The Battle of Britain
Disc 10: Documentary - Great Battles of World War II
  • The Battle of Russia
  • The Great Battle of the Volga
  • Desert Victory
  • The Battle of San Pietro
Disc 11: Documentary - World War II: War In Europe
  • Prelude to War
  • America's Unpreparedness
  • America Goes to War
  • Platform for Invasion
  • Africa, Our First Offensive
  • The Campaign
  • Rommel Routed
  • Sicily, Operation Huskey
  • Assault on Italy
  • The Secret Life of Adolph Hitler
  • The G.I., Hero of the War
  • Victory in Italy
  • Preparation for Invasion
Disc 12: Documentary - World War II: War In Europe
  • D-Day, August 4th
  • Beachhead and Breakthrough
  • Liberation of Paris
  • Pursuit
  • The Battle of Supply
  • The Air War
  • The Battle of the Bulge
  • Crossing the Rhine
  • Overrunning Germany
  • Victory's Aftermath
  • The Battle of San Pietro
  • Russia
  • Review
Disc 13: Documentary - World War II: War In The Pacific
  • The Pacific in Eruption
  • Awakening in the Pacific
  • The Rise of the Japanese Empire
  • America Goes to War in the Pacific
  • The U.S. and the Philippines
  • The Navy Holds - 1942
  • Guadalcanal - America's First Offensive
  • War in the North - The Aleutians
  • The Road Back - New Guinea
  • Up the Solomons Ladder - Bougainville
  • Attack in the Central Pacific - Makin and Tarawa
  • The War at Sea
Disc 14: Documentary - World War II: Victory At Sea
  • Speeding Up the Attack - The Marshalls
  • Stepping STones to the Philippines
  • Battle for the Marianas
  • The War in China-Burma-India Theatre
  • Palau: The Fight for Bloody Nose Ridge
  • MacArthur Returns to the Philippines
  • Bloody Iwo
  • At Japan's Doorstep - Okinawa
  • The Air War on Japan
  • The Surrender and Occupation of Japan
  • Shifting Tides in the Orient
  • War in Korea
Disc 15: Documentary - World War II: Victory At Sea
  • Design for War
  • The Pacific Boils Over
  • Sealing the Breach
  • Midway is East
  • Mediterranean Mosaic
  • Guadalcanal
  • Rings Around Rabaul
  • Mare Nostrum
  • Sea and Sand
Disc 16: Documentary - World War II: Victory At Sea
  • Beneath the Southern Cross
  • The Magnetic North
  • Conquest of Micronesia
  • Melanesian Nightmare
  • Roman Renaissance
  • D-Day
  • Killers and the Kill
  • The Turkey Shoot
  • Two If By Sea
Disc 17: Documentary - World War II: Victory At Sea
  • The Battle for Leyte Gulf
  • Return of the Allies
  • Full Fathom Five
  • The Fate of Europe
  • Target Suribachi
  • The Road to Mandalay
  • Suicide for Glory
  • Design for Peace
Disc 18: Documentary - Korea: The Forgotten War
  • Motion Picture History of the Korean War
  • Armed Forces Assistance to Korea
  • Chinese Reds Enter the Korean
  • The First Forty Days in Korea
  • Korean Cease Fire Talks Begin
  • Turning the Tide
  • Fire Power - Artillery
  • The Republic of Korea Soldier
  • Army Transport Corps
  • United Nations Consolidate Below the 38th Parallel
Disc 19: Documentary - Korea: The Forgotten War
  • This is Korea
  • United Nations Forces Counterattack
  • United Nations Line is Stabilized
  • United Nations Forces Cross the 38th Parallel
  • United Nations Forces Escape the Chinese Trap
  • United Nations Forces Push the Chinese Back
  • Civil Assistance Korea
  • The Army Chaplains
  • The Army Combat Team
  • A Day in Korea
  • Third Korean Winter
Disc 20: Documentary - Korea: The Forgotten War
  • 2nd Infantry in Korea
  • 7th Infantry in Korea
  • The United Nations Offensive
  • The United Nations Offensive Continues
  • Army Medical Corps
  • The Red Launch Their Spring Offensive
  • Atrocities in Korea
  • Korean Wind-Up
  • Rebirth of Soul
  • Truth Is Our Defense
Disc 21: Documentary - Vietnam: America's Conflict
  • Why Viet-nam
  • There is a Way
  • War and Advice
  • Another Day of War
  • 1st Air Cavalry
  • Marines 1965
  • Night of the Dragon
  • Ready to Strike
  • 82nd Airborne
  • Beans, Bullets, and Black Oil
  • Operation Montagnard
  • The Sky Soldier
Disc 22: Documentary - Vietnam: America's Conflict
  • No Substitute for Victory
  • History of the Air Force
  • The Sparrow Hawks
  • This is Parris Island
  • The Unique War
  • The United States Air Force in Vietnam
  • Faces of Rescue
  • 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment First Cavalry Division Airmobile
  • The Battle of Khe Sanh
  • Day in Vietnam
  • The Drill Sergeant
  • River Patrol
Disc 23: Documentary - Vietnam: America's Conflict
  • Vietnam!Vietnam!
  • Sand and Steel
  • The Full Blade
  • Vietnam Crucible
  • Hall of Honor
  • The Hidden War in Vietnam
  • The Gentle Hand
  • The 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam 1965-1970
  • 4th Infantry Division
  • American Navy in Vietnam
  • P.O.W. A Report on Captivity in Southeast Asia (1964-1973)
  • Marines '66
Disc 24: Documentary - Vietnam: America's Conflict
  • To Save a Soldier
  • For Thou Art With Me
  • Khe Sanh, Victory for Air Power
  • Know Your Enemy
  • Nation Build Under Fire
  • ...And a Few Good Men
  • The Battle
  • The Screaming Eagles in Vietnam
  • Small Boat Navy
  • Twenty Five Hour Day
  • P.O.W. Code of Conduct
  • Contact!
  • Progress to Peace
  • The 9th Infantry Division
Disc 25: Features Films
  • This is the Army

(1943) B&W 115 Minutes Unrated Starring Ronald Reagan, George Murphy, Joan Leslie
  • Identity Unknown

(1945) B&W 70 Minutes Unrated Starring Richard Arlen, Cheryl Walker, Bobby Driscoll
  • Kansas Pacific

(1953) Color 73 Minutes Unrated Starring Sterling Hayden, Eve Miller, Clayton Moore
  • The Lady from Chungking (1942)

B&W 68 Minutes Unrated Starring Anna May Wong, Rick Vallin, Harold Huber
Disc 26: Feature Films
  • The Big Lift

(1950) Color 102 Minutes Unrated Starring Montgomery Clift, Paul Douglas, Cornell Borchers
  • They Raid by Night

(1942) B&W 80 Minutes Unrated Starring Lyle Talbot, June Deprez, Victor Varconi
  • The Torch

(1950) B&W 90 Minutes Unrated Starring Paulette Goddard, Pedro Armendariz, Gilbert Roland
  • Yellowneck

(1955) Color 73 Minutes Unrated Starring Lin McCarthy, Stephen Courtleigh, Berry Kroeger
Disc 27: Feature Films
  • Hitler’s SS:Portrait in Evil

(1985) Color 135 Minutes Unrated Starring Bill Nighy, John Shea, Tony Randall
  • The Marines are Coming

(1934) B&W 71 Minutes Unrated Starring William Haines, Esther Ralston, Conrad Nagel
  • Submarine Base

(1943) B&W 65 Minutes Unrated Starring John Litel, Alan Baxter, Eric Blore
  • Minesweeper

(1943) B&W 66 Minutes Unrated Starring Richard Arlen, Jean Parker, Robert Mitchum
Disc 28: Feature Films
  • Three Came Home

(1950) B&W 106 Minutes Unrated Starring Claudette Colbert, Patric Knowles, Florence Desmond
  • The Proud and the Damned

(1972) Color 97 Minutes Rated PG Starring Chuck Connors, Cesar Roero, Aron Kincaid
  • Spitfire

(1942) B&W 89 Minutes Unrated Starring David Niven, Leslie Howard, Rosamund John
  • Submarine Alert

(1943) B&W 66 Minutes Unrated Starring Richard Arlen, Wendy Barrie, Nils Asther
Disc 29: Feature Films
  • Eagle in a Cage

(1972) Color 98 Minutes Unrated Starring Ralph Richardson, John Gielgud, Billie Whitelaw
  • The Mark of the Hawk

(1958) Color 85 Minutes Unrated Starring Sidney Poitier, Eartha Kitt, Patrick Allan
  • Sundown

(1942) B&W 89 Minutes, Unrated Starring Gene Tierney, Bruce Cabot, George Sanders
  • Then There Were Three

(1961) B&W 74 Minutes Unrated Starring Frank Latimore, Alex Nicol, Barry Cahill
Disc 30: Features Films
  • War Devils

(1969) Color 100 Minutes Rated PG Starring Guy Madison, Venantino Venantini, Anthony Steel
  • Go for Broke

(1951) B&W 91 Minutes Unrated Starring Van Johnson, Lane Nakano, George Miki
  • Gung Ho

(1943) B&W 87 Minutes Unrated Starring Randolph Scott, Alan Curtis, Noah Beery Jr.
  • Hearts in Bondage

(1936) B&W 72 Minutes Unrated Starring James Dunn, Mae Clarke, David Manners
Disc 31: Feature Films
  • The Last Chance

(1945) B&W 94 Minutes Unrated Starring E.G. Morrison, John Hoy, Ray Reagan
  • Drums in the Deep South

(1951) Color 86 Minutes Unrated Starring Jame Craig, Barbara Payton, Guy Madison
  • Hell in Normandy

(1960) Color 90 Minutes Unrated Starring Guy Madison, Peter Lee Lawrence, Erika Blanc
  • Mutiny

(1952) B&W 77 Minutes Unrated Starring Angela Lansbury, Mark Stevens, Rhys Williams
Disc 32: Feature Films
  • Battle of the Eagles

(1979) Color 98 Minutes Unrated Starring Bekim Fehmiu, Velimir Zivojinovic, Ljubisa Samardzic
  • The Navy Way

(1944 B&W 74 Minutes Unrated Starring Robert Lowery, Jean Parker, William Henry
  • Prisoner in the Middle

(1977 Color 88 Minutes Rated PG Starring David Janssen, Karin Dor, Mordechai Arnon
  • Desert Commandos

(1967) Color 96 Minutes Unrated Starring Ken Clark, Horst Frank, Jeanne Valerie
Disc 33: Feature Films
  • The Battle of El Alamein

(1969) Color 96 Minutes Rated PG Starring Frederick Stafford, George Hilton, Robert Hossein
  • One of Our Aircraft is Missing

(1942) B&W 82 Minutes Unrated Starring Eric Portman, Godfrey Tearle, Peter Ustinov
  • Outpost in Morocco

(1949) B&W 92 Minutes Unrated Starring George Raft, Marie Windsor, Eduard Franz
  • Pacific Inferno

(1979) Color 90 Minutes Unrated Starring Jim Brown, Richard Jaeckel, Timothy Brown
Disc 34: Feature Films
  • The Steel Claw

(1961) Color 96 Minutes Unrated Starring George Montgomery, Charito Luna, Mario Berri
  • Battle of Blood Island

(1960) B&W 73 Minutes Unrated Starring Richard Devon, Ron Kennedy, Roger Corman
  • Blood on the Sun

(1945 B&W 90 Minutes Unrated Starring James Cagney, Sylvia Sidney, Porter Hall
  • Commandos

(1968) Color 82 Minutes Rated PG Starring Lee Van Cleef, Jack Kelly, Giampiero Albertini
Disc 35: Feature Films
  • The Dawn Express

(1942) B&W 54 Minutes Unrated
Starring Anne Nagel, Michael Whalen, William Bakewell
  • Corregidor

(1943) B&W 73 Minutes Unrated
Starring Otto Krueger, Elissa Landi, Donald Woods
  • Black Brigade

(1970) Color 70 Minutes Rated PG
Starring Stephen Boyd, Richard Pryor, Robert Hooks
  • Immortal Battalion

(1944) B&W 91 Minutes Unrated
Starring David Niven, Stanley Holloway, James Donald
  • Iron Angel

(1964) B&W 84 Minutes Unrated
Starring Jim Davis, Don “Red” Berry, Margo Woods
Disc 36: Feature Films
  • Bombs Over Burma

(1943) B&W 62 Minutes Unrated Starring Anna May Wong, Leslie Denison, Noel Madison
  • British Intelligence
  • (1940) B&W 61 Minutes Unrated Starring Boris Karloff, Margaret Lindsay, Bruce Lester
  • The Bushwhackers

(1952) B&W 67 Minutes Unrated Starring John Ireland, Lon Chaney Jr., Dorothy Malone
  • The Adventures of Tartu and Aerial Gunner

(1943) B&W 91 Minutes Unrated Starring Robert Donat, Valerie Hobson, Walter Rilla
  • Aerial Gunner

(1943) B&W 80 Minutes Unrated Starring Richard Arlen, Chester Morris, Robert Mitchum


In the box:

  • 36 DVDs in Individual Paper Sleeves
  • Booklet with DVD Contents List
  • 8” (W) X 5 3/4” (H) X 3” (D) Collectible Ammo Tin