Apple 17" Quad-Core i7 MacBook Pro

by wootbot

Bitin' Our Thumb

We've come here to do two things: discuss Shakespeare's plays after "The Tempest" and sell a 17" MacBook Pro. And we refuse to recognize any Shakespearean play after "The Tempest" as legitimate.

No, no, no, don't come in here throwing around your Cardineos and your Henry VIIIs like some kinda Fletcher-loving conspiracy theorist. The kind of people who throw that pack of coleslaw around are the kind of people who just don't deserve a nice Quad Core MacBook Pro. C'mon, have you even seen anyone seriously say "This weekend I saw Patrick Stewart and David Tennant in a sublime version of The London Prodigal. I'd go again if you wanted to join me."

So face facts, MacBook lovers. This cool computer is the perfect mix of style and ability AND ALSO Shakespeare's final play features Prospero and Caliban and THAT IS THAT. And if you disagree with either, well, keep on pushing, good king of cats. Just keep on pushing.