Apple 8GB iPhone 3G

by Wootbot

8GB iPhone

Wait by the river long enough, you’ll see the bodies of your enemies float downstream and also the previous Apple product.

This Too Must Pass

Well, little 3G iPhone, you’ve done it. You’ve lived long enough to cross the cultural line from “bleeding edge” to “average joe”. You’re no longer a magical toy that can only be found in Apple stores. You’re here, for sale, over on Sellout.woot, a place that sometimes also sells tiny flying helicopters and televisions. Welcome to joy of being a mid-range product!

Of course, you’ll need to attach yourself to an AT&T plan, which is not included with your purchase. And if you Jailbreak yourself, that’s all on you, and don’t come crying to us when you turn into a brick. But once you find your way onto a network, you’re going to be handling GPS, email, the Internet, texts, video, photos, music, you’ll have eight gigs of storage space, and handle everything a brand new iPhone can do! Except for all that brand new iPhone stuff, of course. You’ll never be able to do that.

But for a person who doesn’t want a compass or whatever, you’re the perfect little iPhone to get for cheap. So don’t sweat it, 3G iPhone. There’s always someone younger and prettier out there. There’s absolutely no shame in growing old. You just have to do it gracefully. And you know what? We think you’re still pretty wonderful even now.

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