Apple 8GB iPod touch (4th Generation)

by wootbot

It's about time they started doing their own laundry anyway.

Remember when you were a kid, and the whole world was just waiting to be stuffed into your pocket? Well, now it's just the same, but with less squished frog guts.

Ah, childhood! Everything was there for you, and maybe your friends, and maybe that kid you hated if they got there first, but primarily for you. Do you ever miss those lazy, exciting days of yesteryear? Yeah? Well, then, maybe you should consider this Apple 8GB iPod touch.

First of all (and likely what you know already) the Apple 8GB iPod touch is a 4th Generation, so you get the entire world in your pocket. Find a Wi-Fi connection and you've got FaceTime, and Apps, and the power to look at the Internet and enjoy all sorts of music. If you want to enjoy what a frog has to offer, no more need you drag one out of the pond! Now you can just watch a movie about a frog, listen to a rap song that samples a frog, read a copy of Frog And Toad Are Friends and find a recipe for frog's legs. Oh, whatever, that's not as likely to give you salmonella as you think. And they're certainly better than those world famous garlic snails.

But even better, when you update to iOS6, you'll get the famous Apple Maps, letting you wind your way through a world that you can no longer say you know. Is that a lake? Or a forest? Is the mall this way? Or is that where they keep the secret military base? You'll have no way of knowing, and your delight at finding... oh, let's say... an unexpected pizza place? will be as magical as the day you discovered there were more houses around the corner at the end of your block.

Adulthood's all about sharing and knowing stuff, and what does that get you? Nothing but more responsibilities. Grab an Apple 8GB iPod touch and become the free spirit you once were, back in the days when everything important fit neatly in your pocket.