Asus 10.1" Tablet & Keyboard Dock

by wootbot

Long Flight

Specially designed for on-the-go web browsing and communicating. Just not with your fellow passengers.

"Let's see. 10 … 12 … here we are. 14B. Yep, that's me. I've got the window. You know, they claim they've added more leg room, but I'd have liked to know where exactly, am I right?"

Yeah. It's a little cramped.

"Oh, and don't worry. I know what you're thinking, but I'm not one of those super chatty guys. I brought my Asus Tablet and Keyboard Dock to keep me busy."

It's fine. Really.

"Well, it's a long flight and I can see that you're trying to sleep. So just wanted to let you know I won't be disturbing you.

Great. Thanks.

"What's it, like, 9 hours? Yeesh. But it's cool because I've got like 15 hours of extended battery life, so I'll totally be out of your hair."


"I can't say the same for all those babies, though. I think I counted like four on my way back. Too bad you don't have one of these set-ups. The tablet has an incredible audio experience with ASUS Sonicmaster Technology and the keyboard features unique Android Fn keys so you can easily play video and music to drown out the screams."

Yeah. Too bad.

"Just let me know if this light bothers you. It's just the back-illuminated CMOS sensor on the crystal clear 8MP auto-focus camera. Not that I'll be taking a lot of photos of you while you're sleeping or anything. That would be weird."

That would be weird.

"Oh, and hey. If you get tired of sleeping and want to watch a movie, I don't mind if you look over my shoulder."

That's very nice, thanks.

"You should be able to see pretty well, actually. The IPS panel has viewable angles up to 178 degrees at a 1280 x 800 resolution. So what would you rather watch? I've got Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Ghost ... Good idea. Let's ask the Flight Attendant."