Asus 15.6" Core i5 VivoBook Touch

by wootbot

That Smell

Touch. Don't sniff.


Hey Rodney, we need to talk about you borrowing my laptop. No, I don't mind you saving your essays or whatever, and I don't mind you listening to all that zydeco music on my Spotify, but I just want to clarify something about the screen: it's a touch screen, not a scratch and sniff screen.

I know, the 15.6" Multi-Touch HD LED-backlit display can really make things look so realistic and vivid that you feel like you can almost smell them, but that doesn't mean you should sit down, Google "oranges," take out your index finger, and go to work. Because the only thing you're going to smell is the odor of your debit card being charged for screen repairs.

By the way, Rodney, would it kill you to trim your friggin' nails?