Asus 15.6" Dual-Core i5 Laptop

by wootbot

Man's Best Friend

A laptop won't love you unconditionally, but it also won't soil the carpet.

I'm having a little difficulty making a purchasing decision this morning. I've decided that I'm either going to get this Asus 15.6" i5 Laptop, or a puppy. I can't have both, so I've made a handy little comparison chart to help me decide. Here's how it's playing out so far:


Asus 15.6" i5 Laptop Vs. Puppy

Laptop:                                          Puppy:

1. Won't poop on the floor             1. Poops on the floor

2. Has 4GB DDR3 memory           2. Poops on the floor
    for multitasking power    

3. LED-backlit HD widescreen       3. Poops on the floor

4. SuperMulti DVD±RW drive        4. Poops on the floor
    for movies

5. Can't fetch the paper                 5. Fetches the paper

6. 500GB SATA hard drive to        6. Poops on the floor
    store pictures, music and
    other files

So there you have it. I think the choice is pretty clear. I'm getting a puppy. What can I say? I really hate getting the paper, and the neighbors have started to complain about my underwear.