Asus Eee PC 10.1” Netbook with Windows XP

by Wootbot

Don’t Laugh

This is what your parents look like when you talk about computers.

All those lions know is that every day, at the same time, some really interesting food shows up, and they have no idea how to get inside. They don’t know how it works, why it works, or what it even is for, they just know that it’s here and they want it to work the way they expect it to, and they get very frustrated when it doesn’t. And that’s your parents with a computer, right? No, guy with a Unix admin for a dad, you don’t get to talk, we’re making a point.

Anyway. it’s up to you, the loving child, to take care of your parents’ modest needs. So consider getting them an Asus Eee PC 10.1” Netbook with Windows XP. It’s really all you need to surf the net and maybe play a few flash games, and do you think your parents are going to be torrenting 24/7? Again, guy, we don’t want to hear from you. Stop skewing the curve here.

Authorized for SquareTrade Extended Warranty


Warranty: 90 Day Asus

Condition: Refurbished






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