Asus VivoTab RT 32GB Tegra 3 Tablet

by wootbot


Do you cover everything you touch in finger oil? This is for you! 

Are your touchscreens covered in a thick layer of your own finger oils? Are you embarrassed to bring your phone out in public lest everyone see your disgusting smudges and fingerprints? Then you suffer from "Gross Hands," a medical condition that afflicts thousands -- and you're not alone. 

If you're a Gross Hands sufferer, you have probably written off tablet ownership altogether. "What use is a vivid 10.1" screen with Super IPS+ diplay if I'm just going to cover it with my own fingertip gunk?" But you deserve a tablet just like "Clean-Handers," which is why you should pick up this Asus VivoTab tablet/keyboard bundle. You'll enjoy all the convenience of an ultra-compact and lightweight tablet without the social cost of a smudgy screen. 

Just to be clear: An add-on keyboard is not a cure for Gross Hands (researchers are working around the clock on that) but it can ameliorate some of its worst effects. For instance, detectives in cutting-edge spy thrillers will no longer be able to deduce the lock code on your tablet by looking at the grease-smudge pattern. 

Don't feel alienated just because you have Gross Hands. People like you struggle with unsightly touchscreens every day, including me. Ugh, I shouldn't have written this on my phone. Gross.