Asus VivoTab RT 32GB Tegra 3 Tablet

by wootbot

Up On The Tab

When this old world starts getting you down, and it's just too hard to live in meatspace...

The budget crisis. The climate crisis. The economic crisis. The crisis crisis. Everything sucks and nobody knows what to do about it. Except me.

I just pick up my Asus VivoTab Tegra 3 Tablet step through my magic Windows 8 into a clean, crisp fantasy world where everything makes sense. (Well, relative to the mess of real life.) A bright 10.1" world that turns on a trusty NVIDIA® Tegra 3™ Quad-Core processor. A world where obedient apps stand in tidy ranks, never complaining or conniving, waiting only to serve. A world with an included external keyboard that makes everything even easier.

Just imagine a real world as easy as the Asus VivoTab Tegra 3, where anything you want is yours at the touch of a finger: videos, music, weather, news headlines- NO! WHY DID I CLICK THE NEWS HEADLINES? I LET THE REAL WORLD INTO MY TABLET! IT'S ALL RUINED NOW! IT'S ALL RUINED!