Asus VivoTab RT 32GB Tegra 3 Tablet

by wootbot

Diet Slice

It's really thin, not just "thin for a Windows device".

For humans, there's thin, and there's Hollywood thin: the kind of genetically freakish or dangerously unhealthy thinness that looks good on the screen. For tablets, there's thin, and there's Apple thin: the kind of technically spectacular thinness that looks good in TV commercials.

This Asus 10" 32GB Tablet isn't an Apple device. But it really is Apple thin - just 0.3 inches thick compared to the iPad Air's 0.295 inches. Yes, it's a Windows device that's just barely thicker than the panes in your actual windows.

We'll be honest. We didn't think Windows RT had it in 'em. We've been conditioned by years of bulky Windows devices to think, like, the operating system itself actually took up too much space to be this thin. Like it uses ones and zeros that are 50% bigger than Apple ones and zeros or something.

So kudos, huzzah, and mad props to Asus for cramming all that Windowsness into a tablet that isn't just thin - it's Apple thin. At least until Apple makes their next one even thinner.