Asus VivoTab RT 64GB Tegra 3 Tablet

by wootbot

Dog Reviewed

This real, actual review should clear up a lot! 

We could tell you all about this Asus VivoTab, but we know that nothing impacts a buying decision more than a real person's real review, so here's one from Terry, a dog stuck in a man's body after a wacky science experiment went wrong. Take it away, Terry!

Thanks for featuring my review, Woot! Let me cut to the chase: this tablet is excellent. I give it four bones out of five. I love it almost as much as I love sniffing butts and chasing cats. Every morning after I'm done peeing on all of the trees in my back yard, I turn on my Asus. I've gotta be careful not to engage its built-in front-facing camera, because if I do I might see myself on the screen and waste the whole morning barking at my own image because I think I'm another person. But that's really on me, not the Asus. 

I only have two complaints: first, it's a little too thin and light for my liking. When I pick it up in my mouth and shake it really hard to snap its neck, I'll often lose my grip, sending it flying across the room, which can be dangerous for my guests and cause damage to the tablet itself. If Asus designs a new model, I highly recommend they make it soft and easier to grip, like a squirrel (but not as hard-to-catch, LOL). The other thing is that sometimes I want to bury it outside for safe keeping, except I know that if it rains the screen and processor could get damaged. Making it water and dirt resistant would be GREAT!

Anyway, those are my two complaints. Minor stuff, really. Again, I really do love this tablet. Now, if you'll excuse me, this patch of sunlight on the floor isn't going to lay on itself.

Thanks, Terry! Have a different opinion? Feel free to post it in the comments.