Audio Quiz, LEGO Convention, and Dad Panic!: What's Going On At Kids.Woot

by Jason Toon

We know, we know, you probably didn't even know the Kids.Woot blog existed. That's our fault. But lately we've given you a bunch of reasons to visit the Orange District of the Woot Empire. Like so:

Kids.Woot Audio Quiz: we mashed up clips from 15 songs that mention the word "kids" in 28 seconds. How many can you identify? It's been up for half an hour and nobody's guessed right yet. Music geeks, glory is calling. (And for you audio-Wootcast nostalgics, it's like the old Sonic Trivia Quiz lives again!)

Dad Panic!: my new weekly column, wherein a terrified Dad (me) tries to figure out what's really worth being paranoid about.

Brickcon 2010: we visited the Northwest's largest LEGO convention and brought back more awesome pics than you can handle. Or more than our dinky camera could handle, anyway.

Ah, our little Kids.Woot blog is growing up. Come watch it flower into full-fledged bloghood.