Audiovox Portable 10” LCD TV with DVD Player & In-Car Mounting Kit

by Wootbot

Wanna take Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz for a drive? Realizing that dream is just an Audiovox D1020 Portable 10” LCD TV/DVD Player and a copy of Charlie’s Angels away. ( Charlie’s Angels II will also work, if you have no other choice.)

With its 10” LCD screen in native 16:9, the D1020 player refuses to sacrifice entertainment in the name of mobility. The built-in DVD player and Tv tuner provide the content, your car lighter provides the power through the AC adapter, and you provide the eyeballs. Oh, and the earballs: it includes two detachable external speakers, two pairs of wireless headphones, and a wireless FM modulator, for your listening pleasure.

But where, oh, where can your little D1020 go? Where, oh, where can it be? Try strapping it to the back of one of your vehicle’s seats with the included mounting kit. The D120’s biggest influences are Henry Winkler and Marky Ramone, so of course it wears its black-leather harness with pride.

You could probably strap it to your steering wheel, but you really shouldn’t.

Warranty: 1 year


What's in the box: