Bacon Salt

by Wootbot

What’s that you’re eating? A chocolate eclair? A bean and cheese burrito? Peach yogurt? Pan-seared salmon with buckwheat soba noodles? Whatever it is, we know what you’re saying to yourself right now:

“This would be so much better if it tasted like bacon.”

OK, nobody ever says that. But that didn’t stop J&D from concocting not one, not two, but three varieties of Bacon Salt. From Original to Hickory to Peppered, this three-pack will satisfy all but the most pathological bacon fiend. Bacon up your morning coffee! Sprinkle it on the cake at the next wedding you attend for a taste treat the bride and groom will never forget, or forgive! Keep some in your pocket to throw into the eyes of assailants! No fat, no calories, vegetarian, and kosher certified: your only valid excuse for not slathering your meals in J&D’s Bacon Salt is sanity.

Warranty: No Warranty, it’s bacon salt…


Main Ingredients:

Contains wheat, soy, and milk ingredients

In the box: