Bad Advertising

by Sean Adams

It was last Tuesday night and I was feeling great. My favorite team, the Boston Celtics, had managed to slop together a nice win over the Atlanta Hawks without their starting point guard, Rajon Rondo. I was all set to cheer against the LA Lakers (just as important as cheering for the Celtics if you’re a Boston fan) when a car commercial came on and killed my good mood:


So, it appears that Sheen’s trajectory over the last couple years has gone like this: Charlie goes crazy; public marvels at Charlie’s craziness; public (sort of) stops caring after a while; Fiat gives Charlie a bunch of money to appear in a commercial.

And the commercial is pretty dumb, as are almost all car commercials unless they feature a Volkswagen. But hey, why stop at car commercials? For every Darth Vader kid, there are a million terrible, unfunny, out-of-touch commercials and many of them (like this one from MSN) don’t feature automobiles at all.

But all those dumb commercials don’t make me as angry as this Fiat one. Why? Because Charlie Sheen is a “bad boy,” but not in the way that Fiat intends. He’s not some tough guy who rides a motorcycle, has a bunch of tattoos, and gets into bar fights. No, he’s a bad boy in that he is of the male persuasion and he’s an AWFUL PERSON.

Like, you know the part where the commercial makes the joke about Charlie Sheen being under house arrest? Well, he has been arrested. For doing stuff like assaulting his wife. Or drinking too much, doing a bunch of cocaine, and destroying his hotel room. LOL! Charlie Sheen! What a wacky guy, amirite???

Look, I’m not saying that if a celebrity does something bad, he should never get work again. That’d be a pretty silly opinion for me to have, considering I just admitted I’m a fan of basketball. But to make a commercial like this one (or the Pistachios commercial featuring Rod Blagojevich eating them “innocently” – seriously, this was a real thing once) that pays a celebrity specifically to celebrate how much of a dirt bag he is? To me, that’s crossing a line.

But maybe I’m just overreacting. How do you feel? Should I give Charlie a break? Or maybe you have an even more offensive commercial to share…