Bags O’ Crap at ShmooCon: We Sponsored What?

by Matthew Norman

Occasionally people call us soliciting our sponsorship of this event or that. Usually we hate it! Why should we fork over some of our hard-acquired assets just because your organization doesn’t have the wherewithal to fund its own event? Where do you think you are, Soviet Canada? Get a job, you deadbeats!

We don’t even buy Girl Scout Cookies from our coworkers’ kids. (In fact, we feel like our principled refusal to participate in that shakedown is responsible, positive role modeling for the Scout in question, and probably does her more good in the long term than whatever bead-camp weekend her troop was going to have with their cookie proceeds.)

Once in a great while, though, some cause or another strikes us as worthy, and we send them a few Bags of our famous Crap or something.

Then we see video footage like this, and regret it: