Be Our Valentine, Print Our Valentines

by Matthew Norman

We love Valentine’s Day, don’t you? It’s that one special day we set aside every year just to tell that special someone: “I love you.” And maybe also to tell that special someone’s creepy roommate: “You, not so much. Please stop ‘accidentally’ walking in on me while I’m showering.”

Being the soft-hearted romantic types we are, nothing riles us up more than seeing capitalist swine try to exploit the holiday for a quick buck. (Or are we supposed to believe it’s just a coincidence that they jacked up the price of plush bears at the filling station this month?)

In the spirit of St Valentine, whoever he was, we say screw that. Love was meant to be free. That’s why, for the third consecutive year, we’re giving away original Valentine’s Day cards for you to download, print, and give away to as many sweeties as you’ve got the ink cartridges to support.

As always, our PDF u-print-em Valentines come in two flavors, “Bitter” and “Sweet,” so even if you’re not in the mood to spread the love, you can still spread something.


If you're the type who won't click on PDFs because you can't stand the sight of that Acrobat guy, see below for all eight Valentines in convenient JPG form...








And you can still enjoy our ‘08 Valentines and ‘09 Valentines too! You probably won't enjoy them, but you can.