Bingo Cards - 12 Pack

by Wootbot

And Bingo Was His Obsession-O

Congratulations, dear. You win this date. Now I’m gonna go find a cab.

Silly me, thinking that we could just go out for a drink like normal adult human beings. Of course you had to haul out the Knock Knock Bar Bingo cards before my orange juice and vodka had finished mixing. If I ever had any patience for this nonsense, it completely evaporated when you pointed at the waitress and started yelping “Excess cleavage! Look! Excess cleavage! Bingo!” I’ve never been more mortified.

You want to know the truth? I don’t know how much more of this I can take. We can’t even get a cup of coffee anymore thanks to your Cafe Bingo Cards. And remember how the kids used to love going to McDonald’s? Now, after being subjected to your Kids’ Night Out Bingo Cards over and over and over, we can’t even drive past the Golden Arches without them crying.

No, don’t get up. I’m going to go do some hard thinking about our future together. You stay here and keep playing. Hey, look at the bright side: now all you need to do to punch out that “Loner” space on your Bar Bingo Card is look in the mirror behind the bar.


Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty

Condition: New


  • Bring back the glory days of carefree gaming with a rousing round of new-school bingo
  • A new twist on the classic is completely self-contained and portable, with punch-through icons to mark success in bingo
  • Set of 12 unique cards for 12 players or multiple games
  • Dimensions: 6.375” x 8.375”

Additional Photos:

Kids' Night Out


Bar Crawl

In the box:

  • (12) Knock Knock Bingo Cards (Choose: Kids' Night Out, Cafe or Bar Crawl)