Black & Decker CP120B 20 Watt Power Backup Battery Pack – 2 Pack

by Wootbot

Man, it’s really empty here in the Woot Cafeteria tonight. Guess I get my pick of the tables, though. I’ll just sit over here by the window. Oh, hi, Greek Chorus, how’s it going?

Despite the gloomy things we do
We hope that we can sit with you.

Aw, of course you can, Greek Chorus! I know it’s hard to be the new guy. You’ll fit in, you’ll see. You want half my sandwich?

It looks delicious, our hats we doff
Have you heard about tonight’s Woot-Off?

Oh, yeah! You know, the first item is a Black & Decker 20 Watt Power Backup Battery Pack 2 Pack.

Rude we do not wish to be
But what it does we cannot see.

Well, that’s easy, Greek Chorus. The Black & Decker 20 Watt Power Backup Battery Pack 2 Pack is basically a portable battery with a built in power inverter. You plug it in to an AC Plug connector and charge it for like eight hours, and then you can use it like you would a battery, to run anything that would work on 20 watts, like a phone or maybe an MP3 player. It’s small enough to fit in a jacket pocket or a purse, or even your glove compartment.

What is that thing there on the side
just half as tall as it is wide?

That rectangle is a USB port, Greek Chorus. You can run some USB devices with the Black & Decker 20 Watt Power Backup Battery Pack 2 Pack. Good luck getting a cd burner to work, but maybe we could get one of those light-up Christmas trees or something.

Those trees are always made for cheap
I forsee a fire while you sleep

See, that sort of talk is why no one wants to sit with you at lunch, Greek Chorus.

Warranty: 90 Day Limited Black and Decker


  • Powers & recharges personal electronics simultaneously
  • Supplies portable AC & USB power to mobile electronics
  • No tips necessary, plug in your standard charger to charge on the go
  • Extended runtime, provides up to 4 hours of additional power
  • Compact & lightweight, take anywhere for power to go
  • Ideal for use with cell phones, digital camera/camcorders, PDA’s, MP3’s and more

Technical Specifications:

  • Input – 9.6V, 300 mA
  • Output – 20 watts = 3 minutes; 16 watt = continuous
  • Battery – 1.2 AH NiMH
  • USB - 5V DC (250mA)
  • Unit Dimensions – 6” (L) X 3 1/2” (W) X 1” (D)
  • Unit Weight – 0.8 lbs

In the box:

  • Two Black & Decker CP120B 20 Watt Power Backup Battery Packs
  • Two 120 Volt AC Chargers
  • Two Drawstring Bags