Black & Decker Matrix Drill & Router Kit

by wootbot

There Is No Spoon Until You Build It

Sunglasses. Trench coat. Late 20th Century techno. That's what your workshop needs.

Remember that rush you felt the first time you questioned what you knew was real? That rush was the first step towards creating a new and better world. However, now you're older. And when you create stuff, you want to double-fist a Black & Decker 20-volt Matrix Drill and Impact Combo Kit.

Really, it's the hero's journey, isn't it? You start out hiding under your desk at work, assembling it as you drill and fasten, and then you end up on the roof with a beautiful woman who believes in you, stopping time as you fire up the 1,300 inch-pounds of torque and disassemble an attack helicopter. Next thing you know, you're in a phone booth, telling the Powers That Be about your included impact driver, and then, putting on your glasses and popping on the cool Router Attachment with drills and drivers, you fly into the sky… and beyond.

And at that point, if you're smart, you'll just put the Black & Decker 20-volt Matrix Drill and Impact Combo Kit on your shelf and never think about it again. But, if you do, for Pete's sake, DON'T assume you'll get to use it around vampires and werewolves. Especially ones you never actually see.