Breville the Juice Fountain® Multi-Speed

by wootbot

When you Wish Up on A Fruit

I want moar apple juice! Any body got  penny?

What are you doing?

"Making juice with my new Multi-Speed Breville the Juice Fountain®. Its simple, really. Alls I need to do is pick out fruit, put it in and juice. The juicer adjusts speeds to maxamize juice and minamize waist. It also has 5 speeds for efficient juice output, and a micromesh filter keeps the fibers out while keeping juice in."

No, I get that, but why are you throwing coins in it.

"Oh! Its a fountain, so Im making a wish of coarse."

It's not a REAL fountain, thought. Its just a juice fountain.

"Hey, you can't argue with results."

What results? What are you wishing four?

"Fresh squeezed juice! And it's come true everytime!"