BSN N.O. XPLODE 2.0, 50 servings

by wootbot

Cheery Cherry

If we said "What are the two finest words in the English language not counting the words free pizza" you would almost CERTAINLY have to answer... what? Yep. That's right. "Cherry Limeade."

Now, we're not going to hard sell you here by talking about strength and endurance, muscle growth support, alertness, focus, and fat-burning. If you want to read all that stuff, you can go over to the features, which were probably written by people much smarter than us. But guess what? The people who wrote things like "Beta-Alanine for endurance support" are the same ones who generally think sports drinks have to be in the same two flavors that have existed since 1952! WHY WOULD YOU TRUST THEM??

Instead, trust us. Not like "give us a loan with no collateral" kind of trust, but "hey, that guy sure knows a good place to get french fries" kind of trust. Because we DO know a good place to get french fries, and we also know this: cherry limeade is awesome nine times out of ten.

Yes, okay, anything that says "2 more grams of active ingredients per scoop than N.O.-XPLODE™ Core" is ABSOLUTELY not going to taste as good as the kind of cherry limeade you get from a diner, but think about this: that diner cherry limeade isn't going to contain Beta-Alanine for endurance support, is it? Is it? We're really asking, because we have no idea how this magic powder actually works.

Look, you know if you're in the market for a muscle-building pre-training formula. If you are, wow! We got it right here for you! And if you're not, well, let's get together at the french fry place, okay? And you're buying.