Calling All CES-Goers! Woot Wants to Cover You!

by Randall Cleveland

It's that time of year again, when everyone comes together to focus on the things that truly matter: The Consumer Electronics Show! And this year, let's remember to keep the CONSUMER in Consumer Electronics Show. Anyway, we here at Woot will be heading to Las Vegas for our annual exercise in expense account fraud, but this year we figured we'd try something a little different: this year we thought we'd try preparing.

We're putting out the call. Are you going to be at CES? Then let's get together! We want to hear from you if you'll be at the convention with a product to demonstrate, a party we can crash, a spokesman you'd like us to interview, or press credentials we can abuse. If you've got a CES-related event and want Woot there delivering snarky, irrelevant coverage then hit up the Woot Writers on Twitter. Let us know what you've got going on and how we can "enhance" it. (I put "enhance" in quotes because really I meant "mooch off of it." But seriously, we'll interview you and junk.)

And if you're heading to CES in a geek blogger capacity, stay tuned for a special opportunity to become a Woot Writer For a Day!

Are you excited for CES and our annual avalanche of coverage? Planning on going yourself? Want to suggest something we should cover? Don't give a damn about the whole thing and just came here to complain about an order or something? Let's talk about it in the comments!