Calling All Twits: Woot Hunt on @WootLive, Today at 2:30 CDT

by Jason Toon

As several irate followers have found to their dismay, our @WootLive twitter feed is not the place to go for concise announcements of the latest products. (That would be @Woot for the main site, or any of our other feeds for the other Woot sites.) WootLive's live-tweets of the last couple of Apple announcements have clogged thousands of twitter pages around the world, and we're going to try something else today: Woot Hunt!

Here's how it'll work. Beginning at 2:30 p.m. Central time, @WootLive will tweet a link to a Google Street View image. Somewhere near that location there's a clue about which city the hunt will take us to next. It could be a street sign, the name of a business, or just about anything else. But it'll always have the name of the next city spelled out clearly. The first person to tweet back the answer with the hashtag #woothunt wins that round.

Will it be fun? We don't know yet. Will anybody play? We hope so. What will you win? It's a surprise.

But you can't win anything if you're not following @WootLive, so get thee hence to that Twitter feed and we'll see you at 2:30. Can't make it just then? We'll post the spoiler-free chain of clues here later this afternoon. On your marks... ready... set...

UPDATE: whoa! So many wooters joined in the fun that it was all over in, like, 15 minutes. Next time we do something like this, we'll make it tougher. We promise never to underestimate you again. If you weren't among the throng playing this afternoon, here are the eight clues in order: