Centon 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

by wootbot


DataSticks are like keys and wallets. No longer can you leave the house without them.

Without a DataStick, how will you salvage those files you downloaded onto your work computer? No, don't act like you don't, it's the 21st century. We ALL do it. That's the only perk to a 12-hour day! And what about those files on your computer that you hope to watch on your Smart TV? How are they gonna get there if you don't have a DataStick? Magic?

There's no reason why a person in today's society shouldn't have data storage with them at all times. No. Reason. We live in a world where you actually can download a car! And what's gonna happen when the ice cream man starts taking Bitcoin? You gonna shrug and try to pay with shavings from a bar of gold? Or are you gonna slap down your Centon 64 GB DataStick Pro USB 3.0 Flash Drive and say "Gimme 2 Satoshis worth of Rum Raisin, to go!"?

Not to mention, with a DataStick, you'll be able to keep a punctuation style guide on your person, so you can insult those smart-ass writers who insist !"? is a legitimate form of punctuation.