Centon DataStick Pro 32GB USB Flash Drive

by Wootbot

Buried Treasure

There’s gold in them there USB Flash Drives.

Legend has it that Thornton B. Centon, reclusive billionaire and founder of Centon Electronics, buried his treasure in one of these here 32GB USB flash drives. Legend has it that upon his deathbed, as his twelve spoiled-rotten children begged him to reveal the secret of the location of his wealth, he screamed “I shall never tell. I will take the secret, compatible with both Windows and Mac and ensconced in durable aluminum, to the grave!” And then, legend has it, he patted his pockets nervously and said, “Oh crap, I think I forgot it!” and with those words, he died.

Some say that the treasure is the access code to an off-shore bank account. Some say that what is on the drive is not a treasure but a map to a treasure. And some say it is a map that leads you to a treasure map. And some say the second map will bring you to a chest, in which is a second USB drive which contains a document that says, “there is no treasure.” And some say that the knowledge of there not being a treasure is a treasure in itself, but those people are just dumb.

Some believe that the treasure is an executable file that takes up all 32 gigabytes of the Flash Drive. And when its finder runs the file, his computer’s DVD-drive will eject a platinum DVD of Requiem for a Dream except all of the characters are played by cats, making it hilarious and fun to watch. Others claim that the file will transform the finder’s computer, in front of your very eyes, into the woman of his dreams, as long as he dreams of a woman who only likes to talk about backing up his hard drive and has lips that taste like hard plastic.


Warranty: Lifetime Centon

Condition: New


  • Centon’s DataStick Pro is ideal for everyday use
  • Built with sturdy aluminum housing, this drive will stand up to daily wear and tear
  • Plug & Play
  • Works with Windows and Mac

6 Megapixel: 11680

7 Megapixel: 10400

8 Megapixel: 9280

10 Megapixel: 7040

12 Megapixel: 5440

Songs (4 minutes): 128 Kbps (Better Than FM): 7680

Standard SP MPEG2 (6 Mbps) : 660

HD Standard AVCHD/H.264 (9Mbps): 480

Voice Recording: 32k Wav (Voice Quality): 140288
PLEASE NOTE: Capacity amount will vary depending on formatting capacity, device model, format resolution, type of compression and pre-loaded software
Technology: Pro USB
Capacity: 32GB
Interface: USB 2.0
Speed: Standard
DRAM Qty: 0
Operating Temp: Commercial (0 to 70 C)


In the box:

  • Centon DSP32GB-001 DataStick Pro 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive
  • Protective Cover (For USB Tip)