Centon DataStick Sport 64GB Waterproof USB Drive

by Wootbot

64 Gigabytes of Adrenaline!

Who uses Centon DataStick Sport 64GB Waterproof USB Drives? Extreme guys like me, that’s who.

I mean, just the other day I was rock climbing to the top of this mesa with no harness so that I could fight the giant condor that killed my father, when my rock-climbing partner, Kimberly, was like, “Oh hey, when can I get those photos from you, you know, the ones from your year of living with wild tigers?” And I was like, “What about now?” So I took out my netbook and transferred the thousands of photos of me, shirtless, hanging out with tigers, onto the Centon DataStick Sport while Kimberly kept watch for General Madison and his men coming to gun us down for sneaking into the secret experimental weapon testing ground on which the mesa was located.

And boy was I glad that the DataStick has a durable, shock resistant silicon case, because, at that very moment, it was hailing. Also nice: it’s water resistant so there was no damage from the few drops of sweat that fell from my brow as I entered in the fourteen digit passcode to log into my netbook (and keep the explosive wired to the main-board from detonating and blowing Kimberly and I to smithereens).

So yeah, use whatever USB hard drive you want. But for my lifestyle, I need the Centon DataStick Sport.


Warranty: Lifetime Centon

Condition: New


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