CEO, Interrupted: Take your protein pills (and put your helmet on)

by Matt Rutledge

Hello again Wooters. Thank you tremendously for your support, energy and specific suggestions to my introductory blog post last week. Someday I suspect I’ll get pinned down and have to admit that everything ‘smart’ I thought of was a suggestion from our community, but until that time let’s keep that between you and me.

Today I’d like to expand the platform a bit and share our appetite at woot for listening in to what other people are saying about us. Eavesdropping is fun. You’d think our own 2 million post community forums would suffice, but it’s really an extra layer of fun to know what people said elsewhere when they weren’t kissing our butts or shouting at us directly.

First up, a quick thank you to Evan Williams – co founder of Twitter Evan – for mentioning us again as the default answer to what is likely the most repetitive question he has ever faced (this time from Michael Arrington of TechCrunch): What is your revenue model? (watch or text-search woot) Evan, To help make your interview time more efficient, may I suggest an even simpler response: “Twitter. Profit. Any Questions?” – you know, with kind of a “this is your brain on drugs” arrogant style to it… On the other hand, the reciprocal of this arrangement actually sounds a bit better to me. Is the Woot channel valuable Twitter content? Do we want Woot Members subsidizing Twitter or Twitter subsidizing Woot Members? Let’s just have Amazon subsidize everyone.

Two guys and a Jets bucket: WineDavid – managing partner from Wine.Woot – is a guest on Gary Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library TV Thunder Show #501. Awesome show and groundbreaking collaboration guys – keep the great ideas coming. If this is your first viewing of Gary’s show, you’ve been missing out. He’s been featured on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, has published his first Wine Guide and has quite a loyal following. I love his down-to-earth (sometimes literally) tasting comparisons.

Shirt designer jimiyo (his Americana is #13/27 on the shirt.woot reckoning chart) posted a nice resource on Shirt Contests and his endeavors with a few of them. If you’re not familiar with the independent/contest driven shirt scene, you might find this “from the artist perspective” resource to be quite enlightening. Perhaps you agree with his commentary, perhaps you don’t, but it just doesn’t get much better in terms of direct/unbiased artist feedback. Also, it continues to amaze me how subtly subjective shirt design is: it’s virtually impossible to not get caught up believing your views are universal.

So the other day I found that this Jason Lee Miller guy keeps squatting on google searches containing Jason Lee Miller. I find it quite annoying – I mean what if I’m not looking for him when I search for Jason Lee Miller? Also, I’m afraid Wootbot wants to kick his ass and we can’t seem to talk him down.

Woot staff finds many mentions via Google’s Blog Search as well as people sending them in to our media email account. (In fact Google’s RSS subscription of that search is my most used Feed.)

It’s particularly fun to read group introductions and then people’s reactions upon finding out about woot – generally just “WTF” or “Wow, love it.” but just to see the word of mouth in action is really a delight. 

Have you discussed woot on your blog or on a board you’re active in? Share a link in the comments so we can check it out.