CES 2010: Game (Almost) Over

by Scott Lydon

Before we snuck out of Vegas, we decided to do one thing that was fun. So we took a walk. Like a two and a half hour walk. Seriously, it was like three miles. But at the end of it, we found the heartbreakingly poorly marked Pinball Hall of Fame.



And we went inside.


If you're a pinball fan, you absolutely must visit the Pinball Hall of Fame at least once in your life. In fact, we had such a great time that we can't even cover it all in one post. We'll be churning out a "Travels with Woot" video about our trip as soon as we get back home. For now, though, enjoy a few short highlights.


The Nuge was the very first thing we saw when we walked in the door. A good omen, right? Turns out it's the noisiest game ever and the noise is more like beepbeepbeepboop than vrowvrowvrowvrrrrowwwww. But it was fun to play.


Centigrade 37 (the temperature when women live) was a very quick play (which is a nice way of saying we lost big time) but that art! That fantastic art!


In fact, the art was pretty much a constant for many of the games. Like they came from some alternate dimension where everyone was only drawing the Legion of Superheroes, these cabinets were exciting, interesting, and full of wonderful characters.


Even still, staring at art gets boring after a while. Especially when there are also plenty of classic games all over the place for a quarter a play.


This baseball game let you steer a doll to try for a home run. You don't get true 3D realism like that any more, not even on the Xbox.


And Road Runner might be THE hardest driving game in the entire history of driving games. It's from a time when computers were the size of a room and it still plays great.


See? You can even see the model cars that will be crashing into you on a regular basis. We've played Gran Turismo for years now and we still barely even made it off the median.


There were also classics like Captain Fantastic...


...and these three different Star Trek games...


..and even a Canada Dry pinball game that came all the way from France.


There were plenty of modern games too, including the Addams Family game (one of our old favorites) but we want to save a few things for the video. All you need to know for now is this: if you're in Vegas, and you don't take at least an afternoon to enjoy the Pinball Hall of Fame, you'll really be missing out.


Our Bloggie-winning CES 2010 coverage is slowly wrapping up. Slowly. Like, you've still got all day. There's no rush or anything, just be aware, you know, we gotta wrap it up at some point. Okay? Okay.