CES 2011: Surely You're Jester

by Jason Toon & Matthew Norman

We don't know how it happened. Maybe the whiteboard was enchanted. Maybe Matthew's Million-Dollar Ideas are imbued with an as-yet poorly understood mystical force. Or maybe we were being stalked, and our stalker waited to pounce until we were lost in rubber dog turd humidor reveries…

Woot superfan SBCJester is the auteur behind the following joint. We use the French term to let you know that if there's something in the following video that you don't understand, it's because you're not smart enough. Take it away, Vladimir!

Seriously, people! You could leave your half-smoked cigar inside it, go inside to check out our CES 2011 coverage, and your cigar would be protected from the elements and thieves. Not even the most desperate cigar thief is going to mess with what they think is a dog turd.