CES 2012: Let's Play Failure!

by Jason Toon

The rabid hordes of Woot Screaming Monkey seekers at CESes past have taught us a hard lesson: monkey giveaways must be tightly controlled or we'll never get anything else done at our booth. So like every day, today at 2 PM only, you can turn up to the Woot booth (21902, South Hall) for your Screaming Monkey with a design that's exclusive to CES (until we decide to sell it on the site someday).

But yesterday, we did a little something special. And I mean very little. With the aid of a tiny, crackling amplifier, myself as host, and Randall Cleveland as a hirsute Vanna White, two brave volunteer players played Failure, the only quiz show dedicated exclusively to questions about famous failures, disaster, blunders, and flops. In Failure, players don't get any points for getting questions right: they only lose points for getting questions wrong. Watch the action in the video - and then play Failure: The Home Game with the questions listed below!

Failure: The Home Game

Two players take turns answering these questions. Each player's score starts at zero - but remember, no points are awarded for correct answers. Points are only subtracted for incorrect answers.

  1. Whose prime-time talk show was cancelled by NBC in February 2010, after just four months on the air? (81 points)
  2. What well-known tech company released a very unsuccessful game console called Pippin in 1996? (36 points)
  3. Complete this famous line from the Paul Newman film Cool Hand Luke: "What we've got here is…" (80 points)
  4. Which Google project failed sooner: Buzz or Wave? (63 points)
  5. What Atari 2600 game was such a flop that millions of cartridges were buried in the New Mexico desert? (59 points)
  6. What Stephen King Novel was adapted into a Broadway musical in 1988 that was cancelled after just 21 performances? (29)
  7. What is the only NFL team to lose four straight Super Bowls? (47 points)
  8. Who did Turkish fascist Mehmet Ali Agca fail to assassinate in Rome in 1981? (17 points)
  9. Final Failure - both players write their answers down simultaneously: Whose 2005 CES keynote address was interrupted by a Blue Screen of Death? (94 points)

Player One answers here (questions 1, 3, 5, 7); Player Two answers here (questions 2, 4, 6, 8); Final Failure answers here (question 9); complete answers here (questions 1-9)

Thanks to Mike and Jeremy for playing, and thanks to the rowdy mob that surrounds our booth every day at 2 PM. You people are awesome, as long as nobody gets trampled in the monkey rush.

If failure is your thing, you'll find it by the buttload in our CES 2012 coverage.