Chillbuster Portable Heating Blanket

by Wootbot

Only a handful of great discoveries have advanced mankind in the quest to evolve further. The match. The wheel. The ottoman. The fishbowl. The cheese fry. Yet perhaps the greatest of these is the Chill Buster Portable Heating Blanket. The Chill Buster allows us the free movement of the wild, savage cougar-infested outdoors, only with the warm, snuggly up-to-120-degree protection that, until now, was only available to the joey of the rare Arctic Circle Kangaroo. With a lightweight 12-volt battery designed to meet the rigid specifications of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaonic Wiring Code, the enclosed grid of lightweight mesh keeps an even distribution of heat running across your body, recreating the feeling of watching Brad Pitt make out with Angelina Jolie. When fully charged, the Chill Buster Portable Heating Blanket will provide up to three hours of heating time, meaning that you can be happy the whole time you are becoming late for work. With the Chill Buster Portable Heating Blanket you can finally find the time to enjoy the outdoors and get back to the way our ancestors lived life: running from starving ice-cold cougars who cannot afford to buy their own electric blankets.

Warranty: One year manufacturer


Here’s how it works.