Choose Your Own Philips HDTV

by wootbot

King Philips The High Def

Taking the qualities of King Philips III-VI and putting them into televisions!

Long ago, in France, there were many King Philips. There was Philip I, Philip II, Philip III, Philip IV, Philip V, and Philip VI. Philips III through VI, however, were lucky enough to have nicknames.

There was Phillip the Bold (III), Philip the Fair (IV), Philip the Tall (V), and Philip the Fortunate (VI). When Philips designed these TVs, they wanted to recognize and stay true to the many qualities that made the Philips of yore what they were.

The first step Philips took was to make sure the images were bold like Philip III. Because of this, they used the Digital Crystal Clear package of picture innovations and Pixel Precise HD technology. The result was a bold image comparable to the bold king of mid/late 13th century France.

Next, Philips wanted to be fair like Philip IV, so they made the televisions accessible for a variety of activities. The HD picture and surround sound audio would work well for TV watchers and video gamers, and the PC input and media connect would make it so that those who prefer to use a computer could also enjoy the riches of the television.

Then there was being tall like Philip V. A tall order, indeed! Given that these were televisions, their main focus on size was width, not height, but Philips soon realized that while they couldn't make the TV itself tall, they COULD cater toward tall people, which is why each of these TVs can be mounted on the wall.

Just when they were almost done, Philips realized they had to make their TVs fortunate like Philip VI. "How can a TV be fortunate?" they asked themselves, sitting around their conference room. It wasn't long, though, before an idea popped into their heads. "These TVs are fortunate because they only need one remote control!" they shouted. They then laughed and clinked their flutes of champagne, lit their cigars, and sang "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang.

That is how these TVs were made.