Choose Your Samsung 1080p LED Smart TV

by wootbot

Ouch, That Smarts

Ooh, look, everybody, it's Mr. Show-It-All.

You think you're soooo smart, don't you? Like you're God's gift to people who watch TVs possibly with a variety of other devices just because you can use your built-in Wi-Fi to connect your Smart Hub and load a few apps. OK, a few dozen apps. Or a few hundred, whatever. So, what, that makes you some kind of genius?

OK, great, so you can stream content from YouTube and Netflix and Hulu. Are they giving a Nobel Prize for that now? You think you're all that and a board of chips just because you can play video from an attached USB device, or music from a networked PC, or photos from your smart phone. What good did that ever do anyone, besides give them hours of pleasure?

All I know is, I'm sick of you self-professed smart TVs strutting around with your fancy features and your fancy Clear Motion Rate picture quality and your fancy Eco light sensor. You think you're better than me, huh? Well, tell me this, smart guy: are you smart enough to teach any random idiot how to be smart like you? Like, say, me? Huh? Are you? Please?