Cyber Acoustics 2.0 Speaker System

by Wootbot

A Difference You Can’t Hear

Try the blue ones. Hmm. Okay, now the black. Alright, now the red. UGH! They all sound exactly alike!

How am I as a concerned consumer supposed to make an informed decision based on product specs and features alone? I already know they all have the same chrome 3.5mm plug, 2-inch high efficiency 4 ohm drivers, and magnetic shielding, anyway. But surely the color difference must affect the audio in some way, right? They wouldn’t make them in different colors if one wasn’t better than the other!

But no, I’m getting the same crisp audio output from the Red, Black, and the Blue sets. It’s as if they’re all the same and it doesn’t matter which color I choose! Do they honestly expect me to make a decision based on personal preference alone? Oh no. That’s how they get you. Now hit play on that MP3 player and let’s try this again. The first one that makes this Owl City album actually sound good gets to come home with me. And don’t forget to make sure these shackles and fastened properly. I’m going to try to stab myself in the ears again, I just know it.


Warranty: 1 Year Cyber Acoustics

Condition: New



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