Cybex 2010 Topaz Stroller

by Wootbot


“It’s a damn shame, partner,” said Tubbs Purebottom as he leaned back against the Ferrari door.

In front of them, the flashing lights and rows of Cybex 2010 Topaz Strollers told a dark story. Sonny Justice shook his head, watching the beat cops taking inventory. Cinnamon, Navy, Berry, Grenadine. At least, that’s what they called themselves on the street. Going out with that extra-large canopy for above-average UV protection, showing off their 4-position one-hand reclining adjustment. And now, they were all under arrest. And probably going away for a long time.

“Why would they do it, Tubbs?” There were tears in Sonny’s voice, like his heart was breaking. “Why would all these Cybex 2010 Topaz Strollers get involved with… with…”

“Prostitution?” Tubbs said the word like it was distasteful, like he wanted it out of his mouth. “There’s no reason, Sonny. A stroller like this, it could be anything it wanted. Make a life for itself, find someone to love the front and rear wheel suspension. No reason it needs to get involved with ‘The Game’. Which, by the way, you just lost.”

Sonny stared it his partner blankly, angrily. Then, as though someone was turning a dial, his face relaxed. Tubbs laughed. And Sonny laughed as well.

“Guess that’s what they call gallows humor, huh, Tubbs?”

Tubbs patted Sonny on the shoulder. “In our line of work, partner, we ain’t got no other kind.”

Sonny looked into the wind, the blue light reflecting off his stylish cheekbones. Tomorrow those Cybex 2010 Topaz Strollers would be locked away. But the people responsible, the people in charge, they’d still be out there, looking for the next Cinnamon, the next Berry, the next Navy and Grenadine.

“Life’s funny, Tubbs,” said Sonny Justice as he slid into the driver’s seat of the expensive Italian car. Tubbs sauntered around the front, climbed into the passenger’s seat, and put on his sunglasses.

“It sure is, partner. It sure is.”


Warranty: 1 Year Cybex

Condition: New


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