Denon 5.1 Channel A/V Receiver

by Wootbot

Adventures In Audio

You guys, turn off your smartphones and portable media players for a second. This is totally going to blow your minds.

So you know how we were messing with my Denon 5.1 Channel A/V Receiver the other day and trying to decide which high-definition device we were going to enjoy? Okay, sure, that’s like every day, but just listen to me for a second. This was the time you dudes kept pressing the four Quick Select buttons and saying stuff like “I wanna play video games and get lost in some Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio sound” and “But I wanna enjoy the sweet, sweet 3D video signals the Blu-ray player transmits to the receiver via HDMI.” Yeah, I know we do that all the time, too, but this time one of you accidentally hit the Source button.

Yeah, dudes, THAT day. The Day of The Static. Totally freaked us out so bad we had to unplug the receiver and Tom had to change his shorts, remember? Well, I did a little research and it turns out that wasn’t just some glitch. In fact, it’s an actual feature, just like the front-side stereo mini jack for portable media players.

It’s called the “Tuner.” TOO-NER. Yeah, and what it does is pretty crazy. Do you guys remember radio at all? Right, that was the thing that was kind of like Shuffle mode on your iPod, but with ads and some sad sack trying to sound hip and relevant every 15 minutes. Turns out it still exists! And the “Tuner” function lets you “tune in” to those old broadcasting dinosaurs whenever you want! In fact, I looked in the box the receiver came in and there’s totally a FM Indoor Antenna AND an AM Loop Antenna, too! It was traveling back in time, seriously.

Anyway, I went ahead and found some “stations” to listen to tonight. Check this out. Hear that? That’s right, Paul, it’s a real live deejay! I couldn’t believe that was something people still aspired to be either. If you listen closely, you can almost hear the regret he feels over his career choice.

Authorized for SquareTrade Extended Warranty



Warranty: 2 Year Denon

Condition: New


  • With four (4) HDMI inputs, the AVR-1312 allows you to route multiple high-definition devices like game consoles and Blu-ray players to your TV. It also allows you to connect all of your devices to your TV with a single HDMI cable, reducing cable clutter.
  • With the advent of 3D media, it is important to own a receiver that recognizes 3D video signals. The AVR-1312 is able to pass through 3D signals from your Blu-ray player, ensuring that the 3D effect doesn’t get lost in translation. It also recognizes signals from 3D television broadcasts
  • Supports Deep Color and x.v.Color content, which can display a larger color range than standard-definition schemes. The result is a more lifelike, vibrant picture
  • Supports processing for high resolution audio formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio and vibration resistant construction to ensure quality audio reproduction
  • Front-side stereo mini jack supports audio playback from any portable audio player. Can also be used with the Denon Networked Control Dock (not included) for network streaming or docking your iPod/iPhone. A compressed audio restorer guarantees that standard MP3 playback is crisp and clear
  • Intuitive button layout is designed for ease of use. The front panel is smartly organized, featuring clearly labeled buttons and onboard controls for volume and source. In addition, its on-screen display provides quick information about your system’s settings
  • Simple remote control is easy to use, giving you more flexibility in controlling your home theater

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Power Output: Front L/R:
75W + 75W
(8 Ω, 20Hz - 20kHz, THD 0.08%)
110W + 110W
(6 Ω, 1kHz, THD 0.7%)

(8 Ω, 20Hz - 20kHz, THD 0.08%)
(6 Ω, 1kHz, THD 0.7%)

Surround L/R:
75W + 75W
(8 Ω, 20Hz - 20kHz, THD 0.08%)
110W + 110W
(6 Ω, 1kHz, THD 0.7%)
Input Sensitivity: 200 mV / 47k Ω
Frequency Response: 10Hz ~ 100kHz - +1, -3 dB (DIRECT mode)
Signal to Noise Ratio: 98 dB (IHF-A weighted, DIRECT mode)
Channels: 5.1
Inputs: (4) HDMI 1.4a
(1) S-Video
(3) Composite Video
(4) Analog Audio (1 front)
(1) Stereo Mini Input (for portable)
(1) Digital Optical Audio
(1) Digital Coaxial Audio
Outputs: (1) HDMI 1.4a Monitor
(1) Composite Video Monitor
(2) Audio Preout (surround back L/R, SW)
(1) Phones
Other Ports: (1) iPod Dock Control Port (Dock ASD-11R - not included)
(1) FM Tuner Antenna
(1) AM Tuner Antenna
Audio Processing:
Dolby Digital: Yes
Dolby Digital EX: Yes
Dolby TrueHD: Yes
Dolby Pro-Logic II: Yes
DTS: Yes
DTS ES: Yes (Discrete, Matrix 6.1)
DTS Neo:6: Yes
DTS 96/24: Yes
DTS-HD Master Audio: Yes
DTS-HD HR Audio: Yes
AM/FM Tuner: FM Tuning Frequency Range: 87.5 - 107.9MHz
AM Tuning Frequency Range: 520 - 1710kHz
Usable Sensitivity: 1.2 μV (12.8 dBf)
Remote: Yes
Power Requirements: 120V AC 60Hz
Power Consumption: 330W; Standby: 0.5W
Dimensions: 17.1"(W) x 6.4"(H) x 15"(D)
Weight: 19.2 lbs


In the box:

  • Denon AVR-1312 5.1-CH A/V Receiver
  • Remote Control
  • (2) AA Batteries
  • AM Loop Antenna
  • FM Indoor Antenna
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • CD-ROM (Owner’s Manual)