Dickies Workshirts, S-5XL and Talls

by wootbot

Work It, Boy

Men's workshirts that workingmen can actually afford.

Jeans. Boots. Overalls. The functional workwear of every era becomes the overpriced fashionwear of the next. Our children will hit the clubs in $400 neon orange vests.

But we've set our magical lo-price wonderworks to deliver Dickies workshirts at a price that will make you not mind getting motor oil or fish guts all over them. Less than an hour's wage will get you a rugged shirt you can toil in for years to come, unless you work as a bulletproof vest test subject or something. Choose your color, size, and sleeve length, and clock in to BIG SAVINGS!

No, we don't know what that line is supposed to mean, either. It sounded a lot better in our heads than on the screen. Give us a break, we're working here.